Mistreatment Reporting

Certain behaviors are clearly antithetical to a productive learning environment and are classified as mistreatment of students. Mistreatment of students includes but is not limited to disclosing confidential student information; public humiliation and other actions that can be reasonably interpreted as demeaning or humiliating; sexual harassment (including unwelcome sexual remarks or jokes); inappropriate comments about student’s dress, ethnicity or sexual orientation; physical aggression (including pushing, shoving, or other intentional inappropriate physical contact) or the threat of physical aggression; unjustified exclusion from reasonable learning opportunities; and other unfair treatment of students. Here at CUNY School of Medicine, we want to ensure that we provide a safe learning environment for all students, free from all forms of mistreatment. When mistreatment does occur, we hope that students will report it through whatever available channel they feel most appropriate for themselves.

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